Taking compelling photos – Tips

Take compelling photos for your posts 

When you use compelling photos in your boosted posts, you increase your chances of grabbing people’s attention and getting them to engage with your content. We’ve put together 8 easy tips that will help you take good photos that can get noticed.

Create a post with an eye-catching photo

8 tips for taking great photos 

Think mobile first

Before using a picture, look at it on your smartphone and ensure your main subject is clear and any writing, such as a sign, is legible. Use the Image Text Check tool if you have text in your picture. 

Keep it simple

You don’t need several people, multiple props, and complicated staging. The most effective images are often the simplest ones, such as a close-up of a product or a satisfied customer.

Follow the rule of thirds

Your subject should be closer to either side, or along the top or bottom, rather than in the center. This is the rule of thirds. An exception: Faces can be anywhere in the frame. 

Try varied perspectives

Mix big and small things and create an interesting contrast with different perspectives. For example, put a subject close to the camera and others in the background.

Use interesting layouts

Use an interesting layout when arranging objects. Consider neatly organizing multiple items to create an appealing design, and photograph them from above. 

Add a focal point and varied textures

When setting up your compelling photos, ensure you have a subject in the foreground that provides a focal point. Use varied textures that create an interesting contrast.

Light and shadow create a nice contrast

Pay attention to your scene’s lighting. Bright light and deep shadows create a stark contrast that can make your photo more interesting. 

Use attractive color combinations 

Use a color wheel to create interesting color combinations. Choose colors on opposite sides of the wheel, or try warm and cool versions of the same color.

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