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Our Story

We started in 2005 and our story has not changed through the years!

  • TAFhub started as a business for providing tech solutions to solve everyday problems.
  • Our initial business was focusing more on providing web development services. We then included the IT & Business analysis services to help our clients to identify their IT & Business opportunities to grow. Last, we combined our previous services with our Innovation Consulting services, and we now provide both innovation consulting and digital services.
  • Through time, we fall in love with startups and saw our solutions were able to solve many problems in startups. First and foremost, it’s hard to start a startup business without having done it before. It actually takes many tries to be able to get a startup off the ground. We know it because we’ve done it many times. We tried various startup projects during the years we operate, and failed and learned from our mistakes. We honestly haven’t stopped creating new startup businesses and helping others start their own.

Some facts about our name and logo:

  • The name TAFhub shows that we are a HUB of startups and services that helps us move to a more technologically advanced future (TAF).
  • TAF also sounds like the first letter of both the name and the surname of our CEO, Tryfon Tzanetis.
  • In Greek, Tau (ΤΑΦ) is the letter T, thought, TAF was used to show unity as the three Tzanetis brothers, Tryfon, Alexandros and Filippos (TAF).
  • Our logo, symbolizes a colorful flower, a flywheel, and the fire behind a rocket launching, like the startups we build!
  • TAF also sounds like tough and represents the tough process of starting a company and the tough problems we are willing to solve with our solutions.

Our Mission

We believe Innovation happens when you apply technology and creativity to challenging business problems. Innovative curiosity is part of our DNA.

We connect our Clients, and the difficult business problems they are trying to solve, with emerging technology and innovative business plans.

We provide business innovation consulting and digital services to support innovative projects and startups come to life!

Our mission is to work with Clients to explore the possibilities of emerging technology and work with Clients to identify substantive changes for growth, uncover profitability, and improve customer satisfaction – by innovating on the edges.


We designed our services to match the requirements of an entrepreneur. Starting from an idea, making it a business, and launching it online.


We constantly test our services by creating our startups. We start with an idea and take them to the point they can acquire funding. Then, they become independent businesses.


We keep our teams up-to-date with the latest business and technology best practices, so we can deliver to your expectations!

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