Digital QR menus, for your business.


The digital QR menus protect us from germs and viruses like Covid,
save time from constantly disinfecting the menus and help save trees!

QR Menu

Get a QR code that shows your menu options to your customers when they scan it with their phones.


Make better decisions based on customer data. Get monthly reports on how many people scan your QR menu and some demographics about them.


Our service is always up and running, so you can always show your QR menu to your customers! We are always there to support you with anything you need.

You and your customers will love it!

“At Sweet Habit café, restaurant & bar, we stopped using the physical menus and put the QR menu to all of our tables!
Our customers love it! They find it more hygienic during the Covid times and more playful!”

Papandreou T.

see in browser

see in browser

Report example



Download our QR digital menu scanner to read the menu

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